Saturday, January 22, 2022
Noon – 10pm / Grigging Park

Caribe Arts Fest is a celebration of the arts of the Caribbean and the Americas.


Presented by the North Miami CRA, Caribe Arts Fest is a multi-genre art festival celebrating the arts of the Caribbean and the Americas. Aligned with the promotions of Art Basel, the two-day festival will be held at Griffing Park, North Miami, Florida on Saturday, January 22, 2022, from noon – 10pm.

The festival will showcase a wide scope of creations representing and encompassing the culture, essence, and creativity of the Caribbean and the Americas.

This annual event celebrates the artistic diversity of North Miami, inclusive of all the residents and everyone who may have an interest in cultural artistic expressions.




Bring your blanket or chair and join local artisans, musicians, and creatives in Griffing Park, as we practice social distancing  while we celebrate the arts. 

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Enjoy Pop-Up art from local galleries and artists.

This is a Free event.




Let’s celebrate our diversity through the arts!

In the heart of  Miami, where the celebration of the arts began back in the 1970’s with COCA, the North Miami Community Redevelopment Agency is proud to reignite the tradition of showcasing the best of our beautiful community through the arts and local businesses.

More than 40 artists  will be showcasing their talents spanning from contemporary and classic to the unconventional and eccentric.

We’re excited to share with you and the family, a fun filled event. 



Featured Talents

From pop up exhibits, featured stage performances, live music, deejays, kids zone, food trucks and special giveaways, there will be something for everyone. make sure to bring a chair or blanket as we practice social distancing.  

Live Music


January 22, 2022

Talent Segment

Featuring Marcus Blake


January 22, 2022

Willie Stewart

Presents Rhythms in Conversation

A prolific musician/director, Willie Stewart, OD was born in England to Jamaican parents, who
moved the family to Jamaica when Willie was a young boy. His love of music led to an illustrious
career that has included playing in the popular band Inner Circle, touring with Byron Lee & the
Dragonaires as their youngest member, and 23 years as a director and member of the
internationally known band, Third World. During that time Third World produced 13 albums of
which five received Grammy nominations. Willie has recorded and performed with such renowned artists as Stevie Wonder and Eddy Grant, and performed live with Carlos Santana and Bob Marley. Over the years, other notable performances included sharing the same stage bill with Quincy Jones, Sting, Michael Jackson, Bryan Adams, and U2.



January 22, 2022

Haitian Dance

Featuring Tradisyon Lakou Lakay, Inc.


January 22, 2022

Gio Beta

Caribe Arts Fest, North Miami, FL

Gio is a Colombian singer who belongs to the Betancourt dynasty, a well known family of musicians since the 1970’s. 

He lives in Miami, Florida and for many years has been part of the band of some of the best known artists and influential people in the salsa industry, such as Oscar de Leon, Ismael Miranda, Jose Alberto el Canario, Tito Nieves, Gilberto santa Rosa, Jerry Rivera, to name a few. 

In 2013, he gained international recognition after being the winner of the UNIVERION TV reality show “Idolos de la Cancion” (Idols of the Song), in which thousands of people participated. This led to a tour in the United States and in some Latin American countries. 



January 22, 2022

Boukman Eksperyans

Caribe Arts Fest, North Miami, FL

The Haitian band Boukman Eksperyans is undoubtedly one of the most representative
of the Haitian musical movement called Mizik Rasin. Mizik Rasin (Roots Music) is a type
of music that combines traditional elements of many different styles of Haitian roots
music, religious vodou ceremonies, and Native American and African identity mixed in a
rock-n-roll sound.



Treading their own path through a diverse spectrum of sounds and life experiences, Agape brings it all together in a collaboration that ignores geographical locations and sound barriers. The sound can be called “DUB” since it’s the element that seems to mostly tie the strings of their prismatic sonic collages. Elements are drawn from their Cultural roots and take new forms.

Agape is not so much about a particular style or brand of music as much as it is about a feeling having much to do with freedom.

The sound simply reflects their upbringing and the environments around them. It’s live, organic and at the same time electronic. Everything is everything; kind of like taking a stroll in their native backyards. Visit a Toronto neighborhood and you will be exposed to a canvas of ancient smells, tastes and sounds that come from all corners of the Earth to find harmony within a modern context. Take a drive around Miami Beach and you will see the symbiotic integration of nature and technology into an aesthetic whole that becomes something of its own. This is more and more what we encounter in most of the world’s major cities. This “melting pot” example is a good way to describe the different elements that have produced and influenced their sound, unintentionally.




School of Rock North Miami

Caribe Arts Fest, North Miami, FL

School of Rock North Miami serves North Miami and surrounding communities with music lessons taught by practicing, passionate musicians. Students at School of Rock North Miami can learn everything from guitar to drums, vocals, bass, keys, and even violin, so they can rock out to area-popular styles like electronic, Cumbia, Salsa, Bachata, Reggaetón, trap, hip hop, Caribbean, and more. It’s no secret that Miami has produced great musical talent over the years — including the likes of Phil Collins, Lenny Kravitz, and Yngwie Malmsteen. Students here can even play at great local venues like the North Beach Bandshell and Gramps in Wynwood.


Kids Zone

Caribe Arts Fest, North Miami, FL

Caribe Arts Fest is not just for grownups! The festival offers fun-filled activities for children coming to the park with a special area set aside just for them. There will be an area where they will be building make and take crafts, face painting, story telling and more. 

Saturday, 22nd January, 2022


Griffing Park
12220 Griffing Blvd Miami, FL 33161


(786) 559-7352